Hornsby Rifle club

Hornsby Rifle Club is one of a number or clubs utilizing Hornsby Rifle Range situated off Rosamond Street Hornsby.

Hornsby Rifle Club was formed in 1905 and is still going strong today.

We have a diverse range of members in our club ranging from school students to young adults to pensioners, both male and female. In the sport of target shooting age and/or sex form no barriers.

At Hornsby Rifle Club we shoot on Saturday afternoons starting at 1pm and finishing at 4.30pm from 300m back to 800m under strict standard shooting rules and the range program can be found on our website.

The calibres allowed are 7.62 *51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) and 5.56 *45mm NATO (.223) and the rifles use either open/peep sights or telescopic sights.

We welcome visitors to come and try on Saturday afternoons with us. The club has a number of rifles that are available to be borrowed along with jackets and ear protection and you will be assigned a licensed club member who will direct you in our safety procedures and guide you on the day. On your first visit we will explain the safety procedures and introduce you to how we do things. On your subsequent visit we will then give you the opportunity to have a shoot.

Club Captain
Michael Moss

Club Secretary
Phillip Milan


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