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Update for 17 Jan 2015

Another rather warm day on Hornsby Range for our 300m shoot on Saturday. Lucky we are able to shoot under our shades.Thanks to those members who help put them up and take them down so we can shoot in some sort of comfort. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those tireless members who every week are there to put up our targets and pack them back away. The Target Rifle scores for last week were: C Burnitt 97.10, JR Mitchell 96.10, D Rawson-Harris 90.05, P De-Silva 88.06, D Rodgers 87.02, J Allman 80.04, I White 80.01. The F Class Std score for last week were:- M Moss 108.07, W Gordon 107.04, D Bowen 106.05 , A Ashworth 100.04.

This week we will be shooting @ 400m.