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Latest News and Results from HRC

We had glorious weather last Saturday for our 700m shoot on our new electronic targets. We have been using the ET’s for a couple of weeks now and they are working very well. I would encourage all our members to come up and participate in this wonderful new experience.  This coming Saturday we have the first grade shoot for the year @ 300m. If you have nominated and are in the team please be at the range by 12.30. The scores for last week were

HORNABY RIFLE CLUB INC This weeks Range Result
700 Meters      
Member    Score V’s
King Geoff 99 13
Burnitt Cathy 99 7
Milan Phil 99 6
Allman Peter 96 7
Rawson-Harris Doug 96 6
Burnitt Jeff 88 4
Spiros Garilene 83 1
F Class Standard      
Ashworth Alan 110 5
Douglas Steve 108 4
Gordon Warwick 99 1
Douglas Will 50 0