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We have had a good start to our new shooting year. The scores for last week have been updated. It was a glorious day but conditions got quite bad as the sun began to head towards the horizon around 3.30. Thanks to all our members who have put it a great effort to make our first two weeks of duty club a success. It really helps having everyone pull their weight. It would be great to see some more of our members come and shoot – we really miss you. This Sunday we have the prestigious Joso teams match at Hornsby on Sunday. This is a match between the North Shore District Rifle Association and other DRA’s. The NSDRA will be fielding 2 full bore and 1 f class teams and will be competing against MDRA and HVDRA , there will be 2 school teams also competing against each other. Come along and support the DRA and particularly Cathy (full bore) and Michael (F Class).