Shooting Update

It is getting close to the end of our shooting year and the competition is getting fierce. It is great to see that it is close in so many of our different categories. Please check out the new results page and give me your feedback. You can now find all results under the RESULTS tab on the main menu.

Update for 17 Jan 2015

Another rather warm day on Hornsby Range for our 300m shoot on Saturday. Lucky we are able to shoot under our shades.Thanks to those members who help put them up and take them down so we can shoot in some sort of comfort. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those tireless members who every week are there to put up our targets and pack them back away. The Target Rifle scores for last week were: C Burnitt 97.10, JR Mitchell 96.10, D Rawson-Harris 90.05, P De-Silva 88.06, D Rodgers 87.02, J Allman 80.04, I White 80.01. The F Class Std score for last week were:- M Moss 108.07, W Gordon 107.04, D Bowen 106.05 , A Ashworth 100.04.

This week we will be shooting @ 400m.

Latest Update

We have started the 2015 shooting year with some very hot Saturdays. The 10th January was a very humid day and made for some interesting shooting. JR showed us Target Rifle shooters how to do it with an excellent 100.10, I could only manage a 95.08 with John having a difficult time with conditions for a 73.3. Our F Class shooters all shot very well with Warwick on 114.06, Brian (a visitor who showed the others how to do it scoring 60.02 in his first stage!) on 111.03, Michael M on 110.03 and Michael L on 107.04. Hoping to see a few more of our regulars turn up after their holidays over the next few weeks. I also will endeavour this year to keep this website a little more up to date!

Latest News and Results from HRC

We had glorious weather last Saturday for our 700m shoot on our new electronic targets. We have been using the ET’s for a couple of weeks now and they are working very well. I would encourage all our members to come up and participate in this wonderful new experience.  This coming Saturday we have the first grade shoot for the year @ 300m. If you have nominated and are in the team please be at the range by 12.30. The scores for last week were

HORNABY RIFLE CLUB INC This weeks Range Result
700 Meters      
Member    Score V’s
King Geoff 99 13
Burnitt Cathy 99 7
Milan Phil 99 6
Allman Peter 96 7
Rawson-Harris Doug 96 6
Burnitt Jeff 88 4
Spiros Garilene 83 1
F Class Standard      
Ashworth Alan 110 5
Douglas Steve 108 4
Gordon Warwick 99 1
Douglas Will 50 0